What is the Appropriate Age for Social Networking

Being part of a social networking site is like a mandatory thing nowadays. If you are not on facebook then u r out dated. Checking on facebook wall is like a ritual for some which they follow everyday. But in all this one important question raises that what is the appropriate age for joining a social network site? Are the moderators of these sites checking who all are joining their site, what is the age of them. All these questions do concern the parents of the children who spend half of their sitting in front of their computer systems and keep updating their status messages.

There is a dedicated policy page at popular networking sites like facebook and Myspace which sates that recommended age of joining is 13 and above. Younger than that are not allowed. But really all theses stated lines matter? Surveys done on such sites shows that facebook removes about 20,000 underage users daily. As most of them fake their age at the time of registration. Many underage users or precisely to says kids under the age of 13 have their accounts on sites like Youtube, facebook and thing to concern is that there is no way to find out that proves this to be harmful.

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What parents can do when they found their children profile on social networking site. How should they react, should they prevent them from further usage of internet? Or is will be wiser to continue to use the site but with the permission of u knowing about their each and every activity.

Parent’s foremost priority is their child’s security which they have to deal with every step they keep out of the house. Bad people are everywhere; they can be present online also. They can be a part of your child’s friend list on Facebook. They can manipulate and scam your child very easily. Their innocence, curiosity to know more can lead them to unknown danger.

So parents should keep track of their child’s online activities. Parental invigilation is the best solution until your child becomes intelligent enough to handle on his own or such sites have more refines development so they get to know of the real age and identity of the registering user.

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