Yahoo Introduced “Search Direct” With Instant Results,Website Previews

Yahoo revealed new search engine feature called Search Direct. With Search Direct Yahoo thinking that they will be able to competent with Google instant.  This new feature on Yahoo search will offer results and site previews to the user before a search query is even completed.

Yahoo “Search Direct” will be an alternative to Google instant? I think so ! what do you think? Yahoo Search Direct forecasts what a user might be looking for, ranging from links to popular search phrases or even weather listings, depending on what’s typed. These results will be available to users before they hit search button.

As you know 71 % of the internet users using Google as their primary search Queries and Yahoo search engine market share continuously showing decrease. Yahoo expecting that Yahoo search direct will help them to retain their market share. Let’s see what happens!


Yahoo Search Direct is currently only available at but Yahoo said it was planning to add the feature to other Yahoo region websites later this year.Watch out the below video from Yahoo.



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