15 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows

If you are interested in photography or web designing, chances are that you need to edit or resize your photographs. Even people who are not photographers often need to edit their family or holiday albums.

For most people, photo editing is synonymous to Adobe Photoshop, but Photoshop, while it’s a handy tool, is far from the only option you have when it comes to photo editors. Select any of the absolutely free photo editing software below and enjoy amazing features that even Photoshop can’t give you.

If you know any photo editing software for Windows other than these specified here, please be kind and do let us know in the comments section below after the end of the article.

1. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is an awesome software for all computers that run on Windows . The interface is user friendly, and supports layers, special effects, and other very powerful tools. The unlimited undo option lets you experiment without fear of permanently ruining your picture.


2. PhotoPos

The PhotoPos editor is a tool that can be used by an amateur who want to change the lighting in a wedding photo, as well as by a professional who wants to create a new picture from the scratch, from bits and pieces of other pictures. It is easy to use and sophisticated.

3. MyPaint

MyPaint’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it gives you a feeling that you are actually creating art rather than working with software. The interface is pretty muted, and remains in the background, coming forward only when required.

4. DeskTop Software Image Editing Tool

The Desktop Software image editor offers a huge selection of things you can do with your pictures, from watermarking to collage making, to creating funny photo effects.

5. Visual Lightbox JS

If you want to create a web gallery without having to deal with CSS, javascript, HTML coding, or image editing, Visual Lightbox JS is the ideal software for you. Just drag your pictures into the window, click on Publish, and your web gallery will open in the browser, with an attractive LightBox @ effect.

Visual Lightbox JS

6. Stoik Imagic

The Stoik Imagic software acts as a photo viewer, photo album, media organizer, and also as a photo and video editor. While its photo editor is pretty standard, its video editor is simply awesome.

7. Irfan View

Irfan View is a photo editing software that have some very innovative and convenient features, such as Multipage TIF editing, scan support, color depth editing, and slideshows.

Irfan View

8. DigiKam

DigiKam makes managing and editing photos much simpler, with its tagging feature, which means that photographs with one tag across multiple folders can be opened together in one viewer and modified, without you having to open and close several folders. Moreover, this software directly downloads pictures from your camera.

9. Paint Star

Apart from standard editing techniques, Paint Star supports alpha, layer, and path. It is a very handy software for image morphing and image editing.

10. Acorn

The best part about the acorn software is that it is so easy to use by amateurs and those people who are untrained in photo editing. The website even offers a free tutorial, which clears up all your doubts about how to use Acorn.


11. Krita

Rather than photography, if your interest lies in painting and art, and you wish you could digitally create paintings, the Krita software is like an answer to your prayers. Krita emulates real life painting techniques, and the interface stays muted, so that the artist feels completely comfortable. Krita is especially helpful in creation of concept art and comics.

12. Seashore

Instead of targeting professional photographers who use sophisticated editing tools, Seashore is primarily meant for basic users. It supports alpha channel editing and multiple layers. Seashore is operatable in Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework.

13. KolourPaint

KolourPaint is another photo editor with essential basic features, that allow you to create, edit images and apply effects, and also create a finger painting effect. KolourPaint is ideal for creating logos and icons.


14. 5dFly

5dFly is an extremely intelligent photo editing software, that allows you to edit pictures quickly and efficiently, with powerful yet easy to use tools, and really well designed photo templates.

15. Gimp

Gimp is an extremely sophisticated tool, for hardcore professionals. It has awesome editing features and can let you customize your edit window to suit your requirements. Gimp can fix complex photo flaws like perception distortion, and has a really cool black and white enhancing tool.


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