5 Best Free Malware Removal Tools Worth Downloading

Undeniably, we are living in the hi-tech world where internet is playing the dominant role. From general home information to big business tasks or educational projects; it’s possible for the users to make optimum use of net. With the ever increasing technology where we are greatly influenced by the latest technological developments, there come certain risks along.


We all know that its not completely safe to keep our important data on the net or share some useful information through it as there is an ever increasing risk of losing the data or it being misused. How? Well, I am actually talking about the malwares!

Malware attacks have become quite common these days as there are lot many people out there who use their talent of being technologically well-versed the wrong way and hack other peoples’ computers. Such people/organizations use some illegal tools and techniques commonly known as malicious softwares to poke into other peoples’ valuable data.

These malware attacks directly effect the computer systems so it becomes essential to not just gain the knowledge about the availability of software to avoid such harmful malware attacks instead use them and stay safe. It is thus very essential to install a good malware removal tool to fight the menace of malware.

Listed below are 5 free malware removal tools that ensure safety of your valuable data. It’s actually high time to download one and ensure that your valuable data is safe.


To help you all fight with the Smitfraud family of spyware that’s actually a hard to deal virus, SmitRem spyware gets installed via adware packages and users need to download it to use it. Its an effective malware removal tool that is easy to install and quickly cleans out the malicious exe files thus keeps your computer safe and protected.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy is one of the best free malware removal tool that work against spyware and malware Besides scanning for infectious malware in your system, it hosts-file modification, and is a secure file shredder.

Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator not only cleans your computer from the malicious software but keeps it protected from any kind of virus infection in future. It deals with Omega, Smitfraud and CWS.

When the users are all set to install this spyware removal tool, three options appear to be chose from.

Install scan and remove tool

Install real time protector

Install integrated package called ClamAV


CWShredder is used to deal with the rogueware gallery known as CoolWebSearch that finds its way into Windows Internet Explorer. The virus enters in the form of pop-up ads that may contain pornographic content along with spyware infections. CWShredder is an effective malware removal tool that kills CWS and makes your computer free from the malicious malware that can effect your computer.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware

The Omega family of Trojans also comes in a packet of malware infection and encourages the malicious activity of other viruses, adwares and spybots. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware tool can be installed free of cost to remove unwanted nasties and other malware.

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