Brand new user interface for Google AdSense

Google announced new Google AdSense Beta interface.2million Adsense Publishers will now able to see new interface link above the old interface.New Google AdSense user interface designed and optimized for better insights,controls and efficiency.

With the new graph in Google AdSense you can easily view clicks,impressions and your earnings in a different way.The new graph also allows you to compare your text and image ad performance.Now the publishers got a much easier ad display options including the selection of ads.Google AdSense publishers can  select the type of ads they want to show or block in  their inventory.Google claims that the new interface will be  more faster compared to the present  interface.

Watch out the official AdSense tour.

The new user interface not adding any additional burden to Publisher.Google using the same old method for Ad code integration and Ad targetting.The payment method and schedule also not got updated.

I think this one  of the best redesign happened to any adnetwork.You can learn more details from AdSense website.


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