Check your regular password strength

During my regular online surfing, yesterday I come across one website called How Secure is my Password. It looks great with a valuable tool. This site tells you how much time a hijacker or attacker will take to crack your password using bruteforce method.

You can check your password strength by entering you password in the box.The website will tell exact time that an attacker can break in to your password

secure your password

I got surpriced when  I put “abcdefgh” on the search box it showed me 5 hours that means an attacker can crack your mentioned password with in 5 hours of time.

This site claims that it is safe to check your password strength,because they not storing any database to collect the user information. The tool runs inside your browser using java script  as a client language that means it runs on your computer not on the server of How Secure is my Password ,moreover this tool only using simple calculations to show  the exact  time.

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