Chrome started Mozilla follows, Auto update for Mozilla Firefox planned

Mozilla planned to implement Auto update for the  world’s favorite browser Firefox showing the same way as Google Chrome shown before. Mozilla all set to go with their  new version of Mozilla Firefox with in weeks. Already the two beta version launched in the past weeks and the third beta version is on due.

The new version for windows will get a silent update for Firefox. That means user’s no need to download the newer version.Users will get automatic update  if they connected to internet .Mozilla will automatically update the patches on user machine .Most of the updates and security patches can be downloaded and installed automatically with out user permission in default mode. User can revert these settings as well.

Google chrome first started the silent update pointing out the fact that it will benefit to the users and also the providers. All the  users will get the latest version with in days after the launch with out any burden on them. 95 % of the chrome users automatically getting security patches and updates with in 22 days after Google launch the updates this only possible due to the automatic deployment of patches.

Mozilla team is working hard on this project to deploy the security patches and updates automatically from their Firefox version 4 onwards. The final beta of Firefox will be on next week may be they launch the stable  Firefox version 4 this month end.

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