Fishbowl : Control Facebook Account Using Facebook Desktop Application

Facebook need no any introduction,One of the favourite social networking platform for more than 500 million online users. Interesting thing about Facebook community is that they got lot of applications based on it. Fishbowl is a Facebook application from Microsoft and it allows you mange Facebook from your computer desktop itself.Now no need to visit Facebook website every time for your social updates.

The application got a built-in support for Windows 7 that lets you  stay connected with Facebook friends , update your status, upload photos, add friends etc.The most interesting thing I found useful is the drag and drop facility for photos ,A single drag on your photo will make it published on your Facebook account.Secondly the entire interface,neatly arranged with different tabs.

Facebook Application FishBowl

Another feature include the customization of visual style ,you got six custom visual styles to choose.Select the option you want to use in your fishbowl account.


You can download fishbowl from here . Fish bowl is one of the best Facebook application I seen so far,what do you think ?


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