Facebook Added “HideSidbar” Option and New Scroll bar to see More Online Friends

As you know most of the Facebook users didn’t liked the updated Facebook side bar mainly because it not showed all their online friends on Facebook. So it become very difficult for users to find out whether their close friends are online or not? Facebook used the Edgerank algorithm before to find out the limited persons to be shown on user’s sidebar window. We also published a post for  those who want to get back to old facebook chat window.

Looks like Facebook done some serious changes today.Half an hour before when I logged in to Facebook I found few changes. One includes the “Hide sidebar” option and another one include new Scroll bar on the sidebar to see all online friends on Facebook.


This update on Facebook will be available to everyone with in one or two days’ time. Presently I can see the scroll bar on my Safari browser but not available on Chrome! May be it will support soon.


I am happy with the changes happened to Facebook today ?No no need to use those scripts to get back to old facebook chat. What do you think? Share your views with us.

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