Flickr Introduced Photo Session and Android Application

Flickr launched a whole new way to share photos with your friends and colleagues around the world with their first android application along with Flickr photo session. The Photo session will help you to create an active image session and you can invite your friends and colleagues to watch it together in real time. For example if you move to another image on the Photo session it moves for everyone on the active session.

Flickr Photo Session is available for Apple iPhone and iPad too, means you can flip through your photos no matter where ever your friends and colleagues are living. You can invite your friends and colleagues to the Flickr photo session by sending them a link .presently you can create a Photo session with maximum 10 persons at one time. If you are inviting guests they must need to use their Yahoo! ID or Open ID   to sign in to join the Photo Session. The best features of Flickr Photo session include the real-time reactions and comments from your friends and colleagues. Flickr photo session is presently support English and only available to Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Along with Photo Session Flickr also launched their first Android Application. The Flickr Android Application lets you capture the image using your mobile camera and upload it to Flickr and later you can safely share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, via email, blogs and more, all straight from the Flickr Application.


Flickr Android Application lets you use some additional features including powerful organizational tools, community groups, fun photo applications and so much more. In single words you will get all the features of Flickr website version on Flickr for android Application. You can download the Flickr Application for Android devices from android market or Follow below link

Download Flickr Android Application from here.

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