How To Format USB Flash Drive In Ubuntu Linux

Are you the one who is looking for the ways to format USB Flash drive in Ubuntu ? Then this tutorial is for you ! If you are a newbie to linux or Ubuntu flavor you will not find the USB Flash Drive formatting option that you find easily in windows OS. So where is the option to format a USB Flash drive in Ubuntu ?

In Windows there is a straightforward “Format” option in a flash drive’s right-click pop-up menu. If you are new to Ubuntu you will be looking Where’s that USB format option in Ubuntu?

To format a USB Flash drive, there is different options in Ubuntu. First we will go to the easy option that uses the “Disk” utility in Ubuntu . “Disk” utility comes default with Ubuntu OS and it is easy to locate from the Ubuntu dash it self.

Format USB Flash Drive in Ubuntu

Step 1: Just click on the dash icon and type in “Disk” and search

Ubuntu Dash

Step 2: Click on the “Disk”

Now the “Disk” utility will pop-up with all the disk drives in your Ubuntu System.

Format USB Flash Drive Ubuntu

Step 3: Select the USB Flash drive that you want to format.Now make sure to unmount that Flash Drive from system. You can do it from the terminal.

Open the terminal and enter the command

umount /dev/sdb1  

( sdb1 is my pen drive and in your system may be sda1 or something else,if you don;t know just check the disk utility again and confirm the drive name ) 

Step 4: Now click on the gear icon on the right side and select format.

 Ubuntu Pen drive Format

A format window will pop-up same as below. Here you can select the name for your yet to format USB flash drive,select the file system and even you can erase USB flash drive completely.

Format Volume

Step 5: Finally click on the format button that’s it.

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