Google+ Android Application Updated to get an Improved Notification System

Google Pushed out an update for the Google+ Android application recently. Google + Android Application Version 1.0.5 got 12 different updates that improve the applications’ usability and performance.

Google+ Android Application Version 1.0.5 users now get an improved notification system along with few Bug fixes.You can get updated Google Application from Android Market.Click here to follow.


New Google+ Android Application Features

  • Nearby accuracy & refresh improvements
  • Start a one-on-one huddle from a person’s profile or a group huddle from a circle profile
  • Hide one-on-one huddles
  • Clickable links in huddles
  • Confirmation text when leaving a huddle (“Are you sure you want to leave?”)
  • Improved autocomplete (people/contacts) when adding a person to a huddle
  • Reshared posts show correct profile photo
  • Improved notifications reliability
  • “**** added you to Google+” notifications shown in bulk
  • Share stream posts to individual people (search people & contacts)
  • Clicking a +mention takes you to the person’s profile
  • Stream no longer resets to top when screen is rotated


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