Google Shutdown Google Desktop

Another Google service is going to die. Google today announced that As of 14th September 2011 Google Desktop service will not be available for download and the existing installations will not be get updated.

Google Started Google desktop in 2004 to make it easy for users to search their own PCs for emails, files, music, photos, Web pages and more. From 2005 onwards I was using Google desktop until 2010 and I think millions around the world still using Google desktop but as per Google analysis Google found many of the Google desktop users are moving to web-based applications.


Probably the last post from Google Desktop blog, got the shutdown announcement.

 “We’re excited that most people now have instant access to their personal information. As such, we’ll be discontinuing  support for Google Desktop, including all of the associated APIs, services, plugins and gadgets.”

Are you still using Google Desktop? It’s time to remove it from your system because you will not get any new updates, features or fixes for Google Desktop. What do you think it’s a good move from Google or not  ?


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