Hacker revealed GSM Network tapping device only for $1500

Hacker ‘Chris Paget’ sets up a device for reading RFID’s at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas. This device can intercept GSM Calls and even record it on the specially made device. This brave attempt reveled the weakens of current Global system for mobile communication – World’s largest mobile communication system.GSM is considered as 2G Network.

‘Chris Paget’ broke some of the calls made by delegates of that conference and he demonstrated how the device is working. He breaked in to AT&T and T-mobile networks. Good news for CDMA carrier customers is that no one still not breaked in to this technology.

Now consumers have only few options for protecting themselves by migrating to 3G or 4G Networks, these are not cracked with this device.

‘Chris Paget’ demonstrates how the GSM Tapping device at  DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas.

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