How to Create a professional resume with is coming from Microsoft allows you to create your own documents using your social networking got few default templates like friends start,Resume,slideshow.Today I am showing you the resume option in

A professional resume will make you stand out from the will access your Facebook profile to create a professional resume with in minutes using  your work and education history, as well as your contact information to instantly create a resume.You will be able to format and edit these resume later.

How to create a resume ?

DocsGo to and click on resume to create a professional looking profile.Now will ask you to connect your Facebook account with next step you need to allow to access your Facebook profile.

Once you login with your Facebook account you will be provided a dashboard with some share options.You can share your professional resume with your all Facebook friends  ,individual friends or everyone in facebook.

How to Create a resume

More over you or your individual friends can edit and format your resume .When you finished selecting options you need to click on create button on the bottom right button to create a great looking resume.

I think this is one of the best  product from Microsoft I hope all of you will give a try.Let me know if you have any issues


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