How To Fix : Google Chrome Running Slow On Windows 8

Google chrome browser is well known for its fast response, loading time along with much more security features compared to other web browsers in the industry. But is there any issue with Google chrome on windows 8? This question raised in my mind because few of my colleagues recently asked me why Google chrome working very slow on windows 8 and even the webpage loads there is continuous lagging in everything. It’s a completely new issue on Chrome as far as I know!

My colleague recently got windows 8 operating system on his HP pavilion laptop and he installed Google chrome because it was his favorite browser and most of the time he was using this awesome Google product. Unfortunately Google chrome started responding slowly and webpages got stuck somewhere in the middle but the same time all those webpages are opening very fast in IE,Firefox,Safari and other browsers.

I gone for a complete research on why Google chrome responding slow on windows 8 and here is the outcome.

The slow performance of Google chrome on windows 8 may be due to the compatibility issues or may be some plugin and extensions issue with windows8.Hope Google will soon fix those issues! Any way here we sorted out the best possible ways to speed up your chrome especially on windows 8.

Disable All Google Chrome Plugins and Extensions

This is the basic step to do if your Chrome is responding slowly on any platform. Try opening webpages after disabling the chrome plugins and extensions. Plugins and extensions got installed sometimes automatically along with any third party software.

Got to Chrome://plugins on your chrome address bar and disable the plugins one by one. Once completed check the Google chrome performance on windows 8.


Keep in your mind, some plugins must be required on your chrome to load the webpage correctly for example the flash and Java plugins.

If you want to know why you need to disable flash plugins, then follow our article on how to fix Shockwave flash not responding error.

Similarly you can disable the third party extensions by visiting the customize and control button on chrome then tools – extensions.

All the extensions in your chrome will show up here.Disable one by one that you never required.

Clear Chrome browsing history

This may be work for some users but not sure for everyone.

Go to control and customize chrome button on the top right side of your chrome desktop app and select settings from there.

Now click on the history button on the top left corner and then clear all browsing data.

Clear browsing data windows will popup now, Select all the options and click on clear browsing data.


Switch to Google Chrome in Windows 8 Mode

This is the best way to speed up your slow and laggy windows 8 chrome desktop app.Once the switch become active chrome will start responding faster than the normal desktop application.

How to activate Google chrome Windows 8 Mode?

It’s so simple! First you need to install the Google chrome desktop app from here.Now wait for Google chrome to update automatically to the Version 24.0.1312.52 m (Latest 18th Jan 2013).

Once you got updated you will get a message at the bottom left corner as shown below.


Now just go to customize and control settings in Google chrome and click on Relaunch Chrome in windows 8 mode.That is it! You are done.


Google Chrome will be now working in Windows 8 metro mode and this will fix all the issues of lagging,slow,flash issues.

I was able to fix the issue for my colleagues,let me know what is going on at your end ?

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