Get More Subscribers On Your Blog With These Simple Tips

We all know that blogging is today a great medium to interpret your ideas and thoughts to the online world and at the same time if also offers you an opportunity to earn online money. But to see money rolling into your account via bogging requires good traffic coming to your blog. More the traffic more is the income. Even if you want to add more subscribers to your blog, you also require good amount of traffic but here increase in traffic may not results into the increase in subscribers to your blog.


By subscribers, we mean the visitors who take good interest in reading your blog posts and they are quire necessary to make your blog run effectively. So if you are also a blogger and want to get more subscribers rolling to your blog, you really require serious good efforts on your part. Here, I have tried to mention some of the excellent ways to get more subscribers on your blog.

1. Simple Subscription Button

The subscription button should be simpler and placed after each of the post if possible. Also keep the email subscription and RSS option on the sidebar of each page. This will help you to get more subscribers to your blog.

2. Reward the Visitors

To improve the number of subscribers, you can also give out some small rewards for the subscribers in the form of eBooks, CDs or eCourse etc. there is a Feedvertising plug-in in Word Press from where you can download your free gift page.

3. Content is King

While adding contents in your blog, always sure to check their reliability and quality. The contents having good credibility and reliability are supposed to bring more subscribers to your blog. So be creative when writing or adding content to your blog posts.

4. Networking

Always try to make your own network instead of following the links or network of other bloggers. However, in the beginning you may not get the perfect outcomes but as you will carry on with your constant efforts, you will surely get success. And one day will come that your creative work will inspire others to follow you. So, enjoy taking pains! Once you establish your own network, you will see a great number of subscribers rolling to your blog.

5. Forums

Forums are today great places that offer you chance to make yourself notices among other bloggers and online readers. Try to take out quality time in participating some of the active forums on the web such as Digital Point etc that will definitely help you to interact with other users and gradually bring more subscribers to your blog.

6. Start Guest Blogging 

This kind of blogging is yet not quite popular among bloggers but it can also be a good way to get exposure among blog readers. By guest blogging, you get a recognized and reputed online platform to show your writing talent. But be sure to do the Guest Posting for a high ranked blog as it gets more traffic and more subscribers that eventually help you to highlight your skills and talents in front of hundreds and thousands of readers and viewers.

7. Create Subscription Landing Page

You can create a separate subscription landing page that will enable the users to subscribe easily and comfortably. For this you can create a different URL for this page and can get more sign ups to your blog.

8. Be Focused

Rather than including too many topics in your blog posts, concentrate on some particular topics and do your best to make it perfect for the readers. It’s really quite important to make your content focused and relevant to the subject matter if you wish to get more subscribers to your blog.

9. Mention Benefits of Subscription

There are good number of online visitors who exactly don’t know the meaning and advantages of subscription while visiting a blog. So it’s a great idea to make them aware of the benefits of getting subscription when they visit your blog. This will increase their interest towards your blog and you will get benefitted also.

10. Placement is Important

To put different icons such as RSS feed and email subscription link at the right place is quite important. So make sure to place them rightly after the post to get the maximum subscribers rushing to your blog post.

This is a guest post by Ilya Elbert. Ilya writes for several IT Services Portland and PC Repair Portland companies.If you would like to write for UniqueTipsOnline, check our guest posting guidelines.

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