Instapaper App Is Now available On Android OS

One of the world’s most favorite mobile applications, especially for those iOS users, is now available for the Android users also. For those who do not know what Instapaper is, here is a short description of the app. The Instapaper is created and released by Marco Arment, in the year 2008 and developed and maintained by Mobelux. It is a web service which allows the user to save the articles for later reading in small and easy to access text format. Till date it was available for the iOS users and the Kindle users only.


But recently, the Instapaper for the Android has been released, which means there would be a huge amount of addition to the already 2 million plus users of the app.  But how to have the app downloaded and installed in your android device? There are many fake apps by the same name which are found over the huge android app market, but beware of the fake ones, as they could land you in trouble.

Have the original app from the official store of Mobelux. But what are the things necessary for the running of the app over your Android device? Here is the list of minimum necessity that you must have to run the app on your Android device as well as the features of the app.

  • An android device with the Android OS version 2.1 or higher is the must have for this application to run properly.

  • You just have to pay one time a fee of $2.99 for this awesome app, and you can run it on your android phone and tablet.

  • You need to have a 3-G or Wi-Fi support to have it functioning, as the whole app is based on the internet, as it downloads the pages from the web and stores them in small readable text formats.

  • Though the developers are still trying hard to feature all those features that the iOS version of the app does have in it, in to the Android version, still a lot more work has to be done. So the users have to wait a little and those developments would be available to them at free of cost.

  • This version is specially made and has got the features and layouts built in it, which makes the run over the smaller device like the Nook or Kindle Fire and also in those large tablets like the Motorola Xoom.

  • There are many more features of this app, like the fonts and text sizes. This makes the reading more of a fun as well as comfortable.

  • There is a dark mode of reading, which makes it easier for reading in the night or in low light. This not only helps those who have a habit of reading before sleeping but also saves the eyes from getting affected badly while reading in low lights.

  • You can always sync your position in a particular article with different Android devices in the surroundings. But for this you need to have those devices connected to internet. This will make the other users know where you are reading, and thus you can point out something important in a text to them.

  • The app can download up to 500 articles at a time.

  • Though this app has got so many features included in it, it lacks some of the kea features of the iOS version of itself, like the full screen reading option and the pagination option. These two are the most poignant things that are missing from the list of features for the Android version. We have to wait until they are included, as promised by the developers. Till then, happy reading.


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