iPAD 3: The Facts And The Rumors

When Apple sent out this intriguing invitation to the press, with the words “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” on the backdrop of what looks very like an iPad, rumors started flying thick and fast about whether the much awaited Apple iPad 3 will be launched at the event, slated to be held on Wednesday, March 7, at San Francisco.

Apple enthusiasts all over the world are speculating on what the enigmatic words could actually mean. Does the word ‘see’ refer to the awesome high resolution retina display that the iPad 3 is expected to come with? Does ‘touch’ mean that the gadget will have some innovative touch sensitive features?

Along with those, here are some other rumors doing the rounds in tech-ville. Unfortunately, we will have to wait till the unveiling next week to find out how true they are.

Just Cosmetic Upgrades?

According to a report by iLounge, a sneak preview of the iPad 3 at this year’s Consumer Electric Show revealed that the gadget will only have a few features that are different from the earlier models, with a slightly thicker size and a somewhat larger camera. So, are the only changes we can expect cosmetic rather than structural?

And what about the rumors of much higher screen resolution and brand new features? We can only hope that Apple was playing around with us just to keep our expectations low.

Apple_iPad 3

Siri in iPad?

9to5Mac reported that there is a possibility that Siri Dictation will be a part of iPad3. They came by this information from a tip that said that there was a new section called Privacy and Dictation in the model’s iOS 5.3 Beta 3 settings, which contained legal and feature information for Siri. If this is true, it will mean endless delight for the numerous Siri fans out there.

Will the Launch be Delayed?

The recent floods in Thailand that inundated several factories of international companies, fuelled rumors that Apple’s supply chain in Asia has been hampered and this will lead to a delay in the launching of the iPad 3. However, the good news is that industrial experts are pretty confident that the iPad 3 will be launched as scheduled, and that production has not been affected by the floods.

Will Older Models be Cheaper?

Just as the cost of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G dropped as soon as the iPhone 4S was released, people are hoping that the pices of earlier iPad models too will fall when the iPad 3 is launched. If you are just in need of an iPad, and not keen to own the latest model or anything, it might be prudent for you to wait for the launch, as prices might be reduced by a substantial margin.

A Cheaper iPad Model?

A report by DigiTimes was responsible for the rumor that, alongside the iPad 3, Apple will also launch a much cheaper model of the iPad to give competition to Kindle Fire. This model is said to be much more limited in features. However, this is contrary to reports of Apple’s CEO dismissing Kindle Fire as any sort of competition for iPad.

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