Reset Google Account From Android Device

Google, The search engine giant; I know most of you may be associated with Google in different ways such as Google email service Gmail,Google Plus,Google Drive,YouTube, Picasa and much more.

Google also owns the popular mobile operating system named android and it is one of the best of it’s kind these days and getting lot of user attention compared to any other mobile operating system.Android made a huge difference in our life style and many manufacturers come up with devices such as smartphones,Tablets that support Android operating system.

If you used android OS you may know that Google  ID can be associated with the operating system for easy sync options and get updated with your android device.Google allows you to add multiple accounts on your android device because it is totally free to use.

There are also chances where you want to remove or Change your Google account.Check out the different options to remove your Google account from android devices.

Option 1

Step 1 : Tap on Menu and go to the option  ‘Settings’


Step 2 : Now  From the settings go to Account & Sync.

android account

Now you will be able to see the general sync settings and Manage accounts option.In the manage accounts area you will see the gmail ID associated with your Android device.If you click on that Google account you will see the sync options for that account.By default the account will sync your contacts,email,calender and any other google service if you installed on your device such as Google reader,Google drive etc.


Step 4 : select the account you want to remove and untick these data and synchronization options if you want to keep the contacts and email and other data on your device.

delete google ID

Step 5 : Now click on Remove Account.You will soon get a warning message,in order to proceed with what you are doing click again on Remove Account.

If you have any other Google application on your android device such as Google Play,Google Search,Google reader,Google Drive etc;You have to first remove your email from those apps settings otherwise the device will not allow you to remove your Google account because the other apps may be still using your existing Google account.

If the above method not working on your device, here is the another simple option that will help you to remove your account without factory resetting your android device.

Option 2

Step 1 : Go to Menu and then click on settings

Step 2 : Now go to applications and select Manage applications from there.

Step 3 : Now search for Google Apps or Gmail App on your android device.


Step 4: Open it and click on clear data.You will get a warning same as below,click

Step 5: Restart your Android device and add a new account to use Google apps.

If none of the method worked for you, better take backup of your android device and do a factory reset.Please note that, doing a factory reset  will delete all the phone content.Double check or make sure you backed-up your entire data before you do this job.

Hard reset your phone. [ You will lose all information that is currently on your phone when you do this ]

Step 1 : Select Settings -> Security/Privacy  -> Factory Data Reset.


Step 2. Once the phone reboots, input your google account information when the phone asks for it.

I think you are done ! Let me know any issues you faced while resetting your Google account.

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