Sharing On Facebook Just Got Easier With The Buffer Plug-in

Has it ever happened to you that you want to post something on Facebook at some point of time in the future, but know you will not have access to Facebook at that time? For example, suppose you have a great New Year post, which would have a spectacular effect if you could post it on the very second the New Year starts. But of course, you will hopefully be at a party on New Year Eve, not updating your status on Facebook.

So you have to live with posting the status either on the previous evening, or the next morning (if your party has left you in any shape to check your Facebook). It is okay, but it is not quite the amazing effect you could have achieved had you updated exactly when you had wanted to. But there is no way around this, right? Everyone knows we can’t schedule posts on Facebook.


No, wait a minute, Surprise! You can totally schedule posts on Facebook, by a tool known as Buffer. There are of course other platforms where you can schedule posts as well, but the advantage with buffer is that it lets you line up a large number of posts, specifying exactly when you want each post to be uploaded.


Buffer was originally available mainly for Twitter and LinkedIn, but now they have launched their maiden Google Chrome Extension, and expanded the service beyond twitter, to cover Facebook, as well as Google Reader, Hackernews, and Reddit. You can schedule up to ten posts on one account each on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, free of charge, but if you have higher requirements, you may want to consider buying one of the pro plans, that will let you schedule more posts at once, in a larger number of social networking sites.


he purpose of buffering is so that you don’t overwhelm your followers and friends with too many updates at once. That tends to really turn people off. Downloading the Buffer app means that a Buffer button will appear on the posting window alongside the Share button and the Cancel Button. Clicking on this button will mean that your posts will be put in queue, and they will become public at exactly that moment in the future that you have specified. Apart from status updates, you can use Buffer to schedule news updates, links, and photographs.

So jump on board this fresh and convenient way to use Facebook. It will save you more time than you can imagine.

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