SkyDrive Tip – How To Move SkyDrive Files To External Storage Device

SkyDrive is the cloud storage service from software giant Microsoft. It offers more than 7GB of free cloud space to any one who wish to use the SkyDrive service. If you still don’t have a SkyDrive account,then you can get one from the official web-page here.

If the contents in your PC become large and completely out of space then the best option will be to move the important files, folders to external storage medium or add additional internal storage to your existing PC.

If you are using SkyDrive to backup your content online,then all of your devices including your PC will be connected and synced to your SkyDrive account to receive all your data automatically.

For Example if your SkyDrive content lives on multiple devices. Losing one or any of the primary device won’t affect your data. But in some cases if your PC storage space is already finished and you don’t have any further storage space means your SkyDrive contents will not be synced with your PC. But it may be syncing with your other devices.

In this case you must move or change the SkyDrive content folder (locally) to another location on your PC with enough storage.

 Step 1. Log in to windows and open SkyDrive and select properties.

skydrive app

Step 2: select ‘Location’ tab and select where you want to move the SkyDrive Files .Once selected please click the Move button ( If you are on windows 8).

SkyDrive File Move

You are done .Enjoy ! 

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