Sync Facebook And Twitter Accounts Using Natter

Social networks and blogs are the most popular online category where most of the online users spending their time. Facebook is the number one social networking destination and twitter is the another most popular social media network which is continuously growing in fast rate.Syncing both accounts will be beneficial for those who value for their time.Here comes natter,they help you save your precious time.

What is all about natter ?

Natter is one of the fastest application developed so far,Natter application become live with in 48 hours of hard work from Rails Rumble project and it let’s you synchronize your Facebook and twitter account .Your update on  twitter will also posted on Facebook and  similarly if you post anything on Facebook ,the same content will be updated to your twitter account.Natter will monitor all of your twitter tweets before it posted to your Facebook profile and vice versa.

Facebook twitter syncing

For syncing your twitter and Facebook account you need to  finish a simple  3 step process with natter.First of all go to Natter here and click on get started.

Step 1: Log in to your twitter account

Step 2 :Log in to your Facebook account

Step 3 : Click on finish account

Now you will a congratulation message from natter for setting up your account.Now you will be able to change the account settings from the dash-board itself.

Link facebook and twitter using natter

If you are not happy with Natter, you can delete your natter account by clicking on destroy my account button on your dash-board.

Easy ! isn’t it ? Try out natter and leave your experience with us.


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