The New iPad: Coming Soon To India!

Those of you Apple fans in India who have been waiting breathlessly for the new iPad to be launched here can breathe now! Apple has announced that the new iPad will be introduced in Indian markets on April 27, 2012.

The newest model of iPad, which some people insist on erroneously calling iPad 3 (it’s actually just called the New iPad) was released worldwide in the first half of March, but it is not available in India till now. Till the 27th of this month, that is.


The new iPad will be available in two colors- black and white, and can be purchased with or without 3G. They have been priced as follows:

New iPad Wi-Fi (without 3G)

16GB: Rs 30,500, 32GB: Rs 36,500, 64GB: Rs 42,500

New iPad Wi-Fi (with 3G)

16GB: Rs 38,900, 32GB: Rs 44,900, 64GB: Rs 50,900

(All prices are inclusive of VAT)

The New iPad comes with a host of exciting new features such as the much anticipated Retina Display. The 9.7” screen is home to 3.1 million pixels in a 2048 x 1536 arrangement, which is 264 pixels per inch, making this gadget one of the most pixel packed ones in the market today. It’s not just the resolution that has been boosted, but also the color saturation of the screen.


The new model has been upgraded on the inside too. It has an A5X processor and quad-core graphics chip, and Apple has made claims that it can deliver four times the performance of a Tegra 3.

The 5 MP camera, called, very unimaginatively, the iSight camera, is quite similar to the one inside the iPhone 4S. In spite of not being as powerful as we expected, the camera does come with a backside illuminated sensor with a five element lens, and can capture videos at 1080p.

For all you Siri fans who missed the diction software on Apple, the brand new diction key on the keyboard that lets you speak instead of type, should come as a thrill. But alas, no cheeky answers. You can also use this iPad as a Wifi hotspot, if your carriers are ok with that. The new iPad can even recognize some bezel gestures.

The new iPad supports iCloud facilities, so you can store your important files in a remote storage rather than in the device itself, thus assuring more safety for your files, allowing you to access them from any device, and giving you more memory space.

Sadly, users in India will not be able to take advantage of the awesome LTE connectivity that has regaled the United States. Though India has its own 4G network (recently launched by Airtel in Kolkata), it is based on 2300 Mhz band, while the new iPad can only be supported on 700 Mhz and 2100 Mhz spectrum. This is frustrating for users and we feel Apple should have planned this in tandem with Airtel. Currently only the US of A and Canada are able to enjoy LTE connectivity.

So make your plans and book your own New iPad today, to avoid the rush on April 27!

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