Top 10 Most Amazing Windows Phone 7 Games Of Year 2012

When we think of gaming on smartphone, the first thing we think about is smartphones from Apple, with their numerous games and gaming apps. Blackberry and android phone owners are not too far back either in terms of mobile gaming. But we rarely think of Windows phones as a good enough gaming platform. In fact, owners of Windows phones are often resigned to the fact that they will never be able to download games as cool as those on phones with other operating systems.


As we are about to show you, this is totally unjustified. There are a large number of games available for Windows smartphones that are just as good, if not better, than games for other phones. The Windows phone 7 in particular has over 1000 apps that you can download, and new apps are being developed every month. You can find racing games, battle games, swordfight games, building games, and any other type of game that you fancy. We have for you a list of the ten best games for Windows phone 7, introduced this year.

1. Traffic Races 3D

This game is in beta currently but it promises to be good. Try to get as far as you can on a highway without running into other cars or wrecking your own vehicle. The game gets more and more difficult as the intensity of traffic increases. Surviving is quite a challenge in Traffic Races 3D, and the game will have you hooked to your phone for hours.

Traffic Races 3D

2. Guns

If guns are your fascination and you find yourself wishing you could practice shooting on one, this game is just the thing for you. You can select your gun from a huge variety of choices. The guns are portrayed realistically, and when you fire them, you can actually see the smoke and hear the bang. The game also has a lot of interesting facts about all sorts of guns and ammunitions that you can read to pass time.


3. Juice Factory

This very refreshing game requires you to make juice, and make as much of it as you can. Use your screen to aim fruits into the slicer, and manage the strength of your throws with the intensity of your fingers on the screen. Juice Factory has 180 levels, so you are not going to run out of a chance to grow and improve at this game any time soon. The worldwide scoreboard lets you compare your scores with high scorers everywhere.

4. Top Truck

Live out your childhood fantasy of crushing cars and rocks in a humongous truck that you have to navigate through rough and unfriendly terrain. Discover new routes and ambush other vehicles so that you can smash them into oblivion. Though this game is available for free download, you can buy the pro version if you want more features and levels.

5. Shuffle Party

This is an awesome collection of table games in which you can use your touchscreen to control the bowling ball’s direction and speed, and knock down pins to win points. High scores earn you gaming money that you can exchange for customized pucks and balls, and better tables. Apart from the popular single player option, Shuffle Party also lets you play with your friends in the multiplayer version.

Shuffle Party

6. Blocked In

This free game is one that challenges your analysis skill rather than your motor skills or hand eye coordination. A red block is stuck in the middle of several brown blocks of various sizes. Your target is to take the red block out of the game board, and you can do this by moving around the brown pieces. Try to achieve you target in the fewest possible number of moves.

7. Chess 4 All

If you are a chess maniac but cannot find the time to get together with other chess loving friends for a game, this app will let you pit your brains against them even while you are travelling or waiting somewhere. Chess 4 All also lets you chat with your opponent even as your game continues in the background, to give the real feel of a chess game. However, if you don’t have friends who want to play chess with you, you can play against the software itself, and take pleasure in defeating it.

Chess 4 All

8. Funny Jump

A lovable mix of silliness and thrill, Funny Jump has a yellow ball with a smiley face, named Roundy, who is rolling down a hill at high speed. His path is lined with a number of dangerous stumps and other obstacles. You have to time Roundy’s jumps to the exact second by using your touch screen, so that he doesn’t get knocked off his course.

9. Armored Drive

This very interesting game involves a spy car named Armored Drive, which has to be tested by the player before it can be released. The player has to drive the spy car in simulated real life situations such as heavy traffic and rough terrain. The more you test the Armored Drive, the more money you earn to upgrade and improve the vehicle.

10. Bubble Birds

There are so many different bubble games but the most amusing one, in our opinion, is Bubble Birds, which has rows of ridiculous looking fat birds, at which you must throw more birds. If you can create a cluster of similar looking birds, they will all pop, and you will be a step closer to winning the game.

Bubble Birds

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