Top 7 Most Expensive iPhone Apps Of All Time

Domain can be Education, healthcare, sports, business or anything; today thousands of apps are available for iPhone. Some are cheap, some are expensive. If you are looking for some cool iPhone apps in different categories and cost is not a problem, you have just started reading, what you need.

Most Expensive iPhone Apps

VIP Black (Price – $999.99)

VIP Black  is one of the most expensive iPhone App. Vip Black was released in January 2012 targeting the high profile lifestyles of high profile people. Members who use this app are treated specially and they can avail extra-special benefits like surprise gifts, welcome packages, complimentary room upgrades, exclusive rates, priority access, and other unique privileges. Users can geo-locate all VIP partner venues and experience the true meaning of this Millionaire’s app.

Iphone App Expensive

It is a true value brand app and members are treated as VIPs across the company’s partner venues. Note that before you think about using this app and downloading it after purchase, you have to prove your net worth with assets over $1 million. No doubt this expensive iPhone app will add a feather in your VIP lifestyle.

MobiGage NDI (Price – $999.99)

This is one of the most expensive iPhone business app, dedicated to metrology (the scientific study of measurement). Using this app the manufactured parts and assemblies are inspected for any flaws and study. This app has the ability to create, edit and execute measurement plans. It was released in February 2010 and is available for iPhone distributed by Titansan Engineering Inc.

BarMax NY (Price – $999.99)

Released in June 2011, BarMax NY has been developed by iPhone developers and Harvard lawyers.If you are a law student or researcher and preparing for “Bar” exam in either California or New York, this app is a fantastic bet if $9999.99 is not an issue.This is one of the most expensive iPhone app of all time.You can consider it as an investment rather than expense. You will find thousands of MBE questions and several essay exams specifically designed for Bar exam. It includes hours of audio lectures, a couple hundred pages of case studies and over a thousand past bar exam questions.

It will work as the digital prep course. This is a tried and tested application (improved score of more than 70% of its users). Apart from iPhone if you want to use it for iPad and become one like the late Johnnie Cochran, a separate app of same cost and hard work is all you need.

QSFFStats (Price – $999.99)

Are you a Flag football fan? QSFFStats is definitely for you. This app gives you the ability to track multiple stats such as passing, receiving, scores, and interceptions within your league. Have you ever planned to make a championship run like the NY giants did last season in your FF league? Try it with QSFFStats by pinpointing all your strengths and weaknesses with this expensive but crazy statistical bombshell.

Though keeping a track of FF leagues is bit expensive here but if you are a sports freak, you won’t mind spending little extra money to keep track of stats for all leagues. Not only that, uploading the stats by email and their analysis must be fun. It is available for iPhone. Are you ready for tracking 2012-2013 NFL season?

Spray (Price – $499.99)

Released in May 2011 SPRAY was made for agriculture industry and is helpful to all from an operator to a large corporation. This bit costly agricultural app allows you to transport the field information back to offices. It provides chemical details and can provide live feed of important information from field operators to users in office. It helps in productivity at work and is available for iPhone and iPad.

DDS GP Yes (Price – $499.99)

In healthcare lot of app development has been done and this is an on-going process. If you are a dentist “DDS GP yes” released in June 2011 may interest you. If you are going for a root canal, you would better understand the procedure and feel comfortable, if your doc uses this app. Dentists use this expensive app to present the dental conditions and treatment to patients. Now at every moment you will know about each step, your doctor is taking while treating you.

Like, if he is pulling a precious tooth out of your mouth, he can show you the reasons and can make you feel comfortable about it. Also, the reports and customized plans can be shared via Email or print. Ultimately, the deeper understanding of oral health will benefit both the doctors and the patients. This app is available for iPad and iPhone.

TouchChat AAC with WordPower (Price – $299.99)

Do you find it difficult to speak or know someone with speech problem? This educational app is a great help. People suffering from clinical conditions like autism and down-syndrome can make most of it. The five built-in voice synthesizers breaks the communication barrier for them and allows such people to express themselves by merely tapping the pictures on screen, you just tap and the device will say it for you.

It is available for both iPhone and iPad but here is a catch; you need to pay separately for both. Its most expensive version contains WordPower which is a word based vocabulary that provides various options for speaking.

Some of the most expensive apps for iPhone mentioned above are from different categories to help everyone who is looking of some useful though expensive iPhone apps. Hope this article was a help.

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