View AutoCAD Files as Thumbs on Your Computer with MiniCAD Viewer

MiniCAD Viewer is simple and free to use CAD software to view AutoCAD files on your computer. MiniCAD Viewer will show all your Computer CAD files in thumbnail manner with out installing autocad software .and MiniCAD Viewer is basic tool that support DWG and DWF formats.

With MiniCAD Viewer you can move current CAD file or zoom in, zoom out, draw if you need editing in the current file. In simple words we can MiniCAD Viewer is a ultimate DWG and DWF viewer. You can download MiniCAD Viewer from below link.


Best Features of MiniCAD Viewer 

  • Mini CAD Viewer is very light and easy to use.
  • No need to install AutoCAD software.
  • Move and zoom in and out.
  • Thumbnail view.
  • Allows users to quickly perform searches on task folders.
  • Drawing files can be saved as image files.
  • Supports dwg, bmp and jpg formats.
Download  MiniCAD Viewer from here.

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