Windows 7 dominated over windows vista

The best operating system ever build by Microsoft will be windows 7 According to the Stat Counter, the W3Schools OS platform statistics and NetMarketShare¬† study shows¬† Windows 7¬† got higher market share with in a short span of time .windows 7 crossed windows vista’s market share with in one year after its introduction.

Microsoft released Windows 7 on September 2009.According to W3 schools the Windows Xp still the most popular operating system with a market share of 54.6%, windows 7 with a 20.6% and vista 10.9%.It is so clear that windows 7 market share is increased in a faster phase than expected.You will get a clear idea from W3 schools comparison summary.

According to Net market share widows operating systems holds a 91.32 % market share and it not showing any sign of going down. Windows Xp losing a 2-3% of market share every month. It is the clear indication that more windows Xp users migrated to windows 7 than windows vista users. Most of the windows vista users stuck with their present operating system.

According to stats counter global status for operating system windows 7 showing the clear sign of growth while crossing windows vista in market share.


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