10 Best Free Adobe AIR Applications For Web Designers

Adobe AIR, or Adobe Integrated Runtime, is basically a cross platform runtime environment. It was developed by Adobe Systems. Its major purpose is to build Rich Internet Applications, alternatively known as RIA, with the use of Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, and Ajax.

These Rich Internet Applications are meant to run on mobile devices or desktop applications. Adobe AIR supports installable applications on several mobile operating systems, such as Blackberry Tablet OS, Apple iOS, and Android, as well as on desktop operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Adobe AIR Applications are very fast loading applications that can operate even when the user is offline, though the data can be updated and synced only when there is internet connection. AIR applications are helpful in several types of professions, chiefly because of their speed and the simplicity of their use. However, they have a particular attraction for web designers and web developers because of their advanced features and their lean, hassle free interface.

Here, we bring you a list of 10 excellent Adobe Integrated Runtime Applications that you will find very beneficial as a designer or developer.

1. Icon Generator

This application lets you create amazing looking icons for your desktop, mobile, or website, that are explained simply in two easy steps. This app will make icon designing much easier.

2. Kuler Desktop

To use Kuler, you need to log in to your Adobe account first. This application lets you browse color schemes and import the colors of your choice directly to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

3. Color Browser

This is an application that can help you manage your palette of colors by letting you add to them, edit them, rearrange their combinations and save them for later use.

4. Shrink-O-Matic

Resize whole batches of large number of images using this application. Simply select all the images and drag and drop them on to the app window.

5. Livebrush

This tool’s purpose is to make drawing for the purpose of designing much easier, using a vector based motion platform. Explore the multitude of lines and decorations in this app.

6. ColorLovers

ColorLovers will help you find the best color schemes for your designs. Without needing to open your browser, you can download palettes, patterns and schemes of colors.

7. Xe Image Editor V3

Irrespective of the type of image file and extension your photograph has, you can use the Xe Image Editor V3 app to edit it. This app can filter your images, sharpen them, and enhance their color quality.

8. WebKut

WebKut is an easy way to capture wenpages or parts of them you can capture the entire page, just the current view, or a selection highlighted by you, depending on your need.

9. Beta Designs Calipers

This tool is absolutely crucial for designers, as it can be used to measure anything on your screen. It floats above all the other moniker icons and can be dragged to a section or image whose measurements you need to take.

10. Pixel Window

This very simple app will let you measure the resolution of any section of your monitor screen in pixels.

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