10 Effective Tips To Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Have you used Facebook ads? Thinking about it? Well, it can be successful effort if you use it the smart way.  It is not that Facebook can just be used for killing time or chatting with people in the network it can prove helpful tool to grow professionally and increasing sales.

Facebook advertisement is one of the best features this cool social networking site offers but using it effectively to get the desired results needs skills and careful understanding. While you are using the paid Facebook advertisement to increase the sales, you must monitor your ad closely else the expense can skyrocket and kill your campaign’s effectiveness.


To help you avoid the mistakes some Facebook advertisers might be making we have listed down few tips. These tips will help you dramatically improve your Facebook advertising skills and use it effectively to increase your sales. Read them out!

Split Test Your Ads

Split testing is when you create split (multiple) versions of the same ad with one change in the variable. Test different variables like the picture, headline and body text to make out as to which variables will deliver the most clicks.

Observe your click through rate

You should observe your click through rate carefully and if it doesn’t deliver the desired results simply get rid of it.

Use cost per click for testing the ads

Once you have observed which ad is delivering the desired results you will become well aware of which ad is best and the worst performing ad so that you can minimize campaign cost effectively.

Monitor the ad campaigns

After some time of starting the ad campaign you should closely monitor it to understand well if your campaign cost is worth. If you are not getting the desired results, it is suggested to change the targeting group or create a new ad.

Test performance at regular intervals

It is suggested to test the ads at different times as they perform differently at different time period this can be done by switching on/off the ad at different times to check which times perform the best.

Use cost per fan model

Once you get fans re-engage with them in the feed this will help spreading the word virally. Cost per fan model is one of the sure-short ways to use Facebook for advertising.

Use Facebook Conversion Tracking Tools

Facebook Conversion Tracking Tools help in determining how much revenue each ad is generating profit or loss.

Develop Creative Reveal Tab

This is the cool way of converting your visitors into fans. It helps drive users click the like button if you reward them for their action.

Bid higher to get your ads approved

Be persistent and bid higher to make sure your ads get approved quickly. Please note that you can change the bid once your ad has been approved.

Target friends of your connection

It is easy to target friends of your connections. When someone sees their friend has liked an ad they are more likely to click on it which will directly help you.

Coupons on landing page

Using coupons on your landing page can do wonders. It can help increase the sales of your product thereby making our efforts successful.

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