How to Activate or Enable Profile Review and Tag Review on Facebook

The recent Facebook update brings some enhanced privacy features for profile and tag’s on Facebook. Facebook now giving you the ability to review tags that friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook account and also review feeds or posts that you are tagged in.Today I am going to show you how to activate or enable profile review and tag review on your Facebook account. Please follow below steps carefully.

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Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2 : Click on the Facebook account tab  and select privacy settings.


Step 3 : Scroll down to get “How Tags Work”. Once you found please click Edit Settings.


Step 4 : Now go to the Profile Review section and click on off button.


Step 5 : A new window will popup same as below.Click on Turn On Profile Review Button.


Step 5 :  In order to edit the Tag review please click on  off  button near to the Tag Review and you will get a new popup window same as below.Click on Turn On Tag Review Button.


Step 6: Once you finished activating both Profile Review and Tag Review please click on done.


I hope you changed your Facebook privacy settings now.Let me know if you have any questions  ! Don’t  hesitate to use our comment form below

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