How To Keep An Eye On Amazon’s Daily Deals

When it comes to online shopping, the name which comes at the very instant is the This website seems to have some never ending discount offers. Whenever you go over the website, you can find deals of 10% to 30% on regular basis over the products. These discounts are over the market price of the products. And if you think that the deals are over the books only at this site, them you are mistaken, as the deals are simply over everything that you can grab over this site.

Plus there are those daily deals, which can make you jump over your seat these Daily Deals can be up to 90% off on product prices and sometimes they are also available for free. But, how to know that these deals are there over the Amazon! This question has some useful answers in the following list of products that can help you reduce the time in searching the deals as well as can save a lot of your money over online shopping from

Prices Drop Monitor

With this latest Mac and PC app from the Dellite Studios, one could easily keep a track over the regular prices and deals over the  This application is available free of cost and also is free to use by the users. Choose your notification type, like Beep or Growl, and the app will notify the price drop of you favorite product. To select the favorite range of products from the huge range available over the website, you just need to drag and drop the URL of your favorite product over the Price Drop Monitor’s home page.

Now whenever the prices of these products rise or fall, you will be notified by the app with a beep or even with an email. Check the Autorun option of the app, so that it keeps on tracking the price variations and notifies you at regular intervals of time, which you have selected from the settings. This free app allows you to monitor maximum 50 products at a time. If you want to increase the amount of products monitored by the app, you can purchase an in-app upgrade for $3.99.

Amazon Locals

One of the best ways to track the discounts available over the local business as well as the online merchants is to have Amazon Local with you. This websites tracks the local business and provides you with the best kind of deals at your locality. Select your locality and preference like restaurants, pubs and grocery and the website will provide you with some amazing deals near your house which you may not have noticed. This website is, sadly though, available only in the US. Subscribe to any city and you can also have the deals over your email.

Kindle daily Deal

If you are one of those avid users of this device, i.e. Kindle or Kindle Fire, then you can also have the advantage of having the best deals over the books from The Kindle daily Deal can provide you with the option to have the particular product at 100% off from the Moreover, you can also visit the Tweeter posts of Amazon to know about the deals. Plus the releases a monthly newsletter about the 100 books that are available at a price below $3.99. You can avail all these info over your email, if you have subscribed the daily Deals page over the Kindle.

Amazon Gold Box Deals

This is for the iPhone users. If you want to have the best deals over the Amazon products, then you should go for the app Amazon Deals, which pretty much is the same as that is published on the Amazon Gold Box Deals webpage. The app features the advantages like the calendar for the discount offer as well as a notification alarm for a particular deal. You can also set the app to notify various categories of your choice and the deals over them.

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