Excellent Tips To Keep Your Kindle Fire Safe

EBook lovers throughout the world swear by the Kindle Reader devices from Amazon, considering it one of the best and most convenient ways to read eBooks. So when Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire in late September, 2011, it was greeted with high expectations. Kindle Fire, available for purchase since November, 2011 at the extremely affordable price of $200, has managed to live up to most of these expectations, with its 7 inch color multi touch display and its forked Android Operating System.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire includes access to the Amazon apps store, to streaming movies and music, and to Kindle’s own huge collection of eBooks. It is considered a serious competitor to other tablet brands such as Apple’s iPad. But like other tablets and devices that connect to the internet, it is prone to hacking and contamination.

The risks are particularly high for the Kindle Fire, because you regularly access your bank account on it to make purchases, and so a hacker could get hold of your bank details. So how do you keep your Kindle Fire safe from malware infections and ambush by hackers? Read on to know about some crucial safety measures that will ensure protection for your Kindle Fire.

1. Keep your accounts protected with passwords

Do not take passwords on your Kindle Fire lightly. If you lose it, or it gets stolen, your biggest loss will not be the theft of the device, but the ways in which the thief can abuse your accounts if you have left them unprotected. Make sure all your email accounts and social networking ids have passwords in place. Also for safety’s sake, log out whenever you have finished using an account, and disable features that keep you logged in or remember your password for an account. It may mean a little extra work for you to sign in every time you need to use an account, but the safety benefits are worth it.

Kindle Fire Secure

2. Keep you Wi-Fi locked

It will not be humanly possible for you to carry your Kindle Fire around wherever you go, so it is safe to assume that you’ll be leaving it around the house or workplace. In the meanwhile, you certainly do not want anybody else to be able to use your internet connection and pump up your bills. That is why it is most important to keep your Wi-Fi connection locked. Here is how you can lock it: just go to Settings, choose Restrictions, click on Enable Restrictions, and set a password. Now your Kindle Fire will ask for the password every time you or someone else tries to access the internet, and your Wi-Fi will be safe from any piggyback riders.

3. Restrict installation of applications

Your Kindle Fire is by default set to accept only Amazon apps. If you want to install apps from other sources as well, you need to change the settings to “Allow Installation of Applications” from unknown resources. But it may be a good idea to not change the setting at all, as this will protect your Kindle Fire from corrupt apps. Even if you do change the settings, be sure to download apps only from known and trusted sources.

Kindle Fire Secure Apps

4. Keep your Browser clean

Be sure to clean out the browser on your Kindle Fire regularly. Go to the Settings option and clear out the cache, cookies and browsing history from the tabs. Also, make sure you delete all saved passwords. This way, if you ever lose your Kindle Fire, you do not have to be afraid of others gaining access to your accounts or personal information.

These simple steps will ensure that you can use your Kindle Fire without any kind of worry.


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