Important Tips To Clutter Free Your Desktop

Have you ever opened your wardrobe and found that all your clothes are all around the place and the whole thing looks so messy that you really cannot figure out where is what, and what to wear and that is when your brain stops functioning and that feeling of “I am going mad” hits you? Yes, that is also exactly how you feel or maybe you would feel when you see a cluttered desktop.

Clutter-Free Your Desktop

A cluttered desktop shows that you are not an organized person and that surely puts a wrong impression of yours in front of your boss and your peers alike. Below, I have put down some ways for taking care of a cluttered desktop :

  • I am sure we all must have tried using desktop shorts for various files and folders at some point in time. This feature is passé now and there are some quite good applications available for free download (yes, we all love them free).Some of these applications are present right there on your desktop like quick launch, your very own start menu which can be used to locate files and folders easily.
  • This process can be achieved by removing the icons or applications which are lying uselessly on your desktop and you have never cared so much to even give them a passing glance. Go ahead and remove those as that would only help you in making your desktop less cluttered.
  • There is another great application available called the Stardock Fences, which helps you to make small clusters of your icons or folders as per the usage you have with these folders and icons. This will not only help your desktop to look un-cluttered but also save a lot of time by keeping things simple. You can make clusters like “documents”, “files or folders”, “music”, pictures and others. The best part of this software is that once you double click on your desktop all the clusters will fade away and will return only when you double click again.
  • It is better and advisable to put in all your daily use documents and software into a single folder called “my documents” or “my daily documents” so that one knows where to find these rather than looking around the whole computer screen for that one single report which you have to work on within a deadline.
  • Once such cleaning, re-arranging on documents, files and folders is done it is good to run the defragmenter software which is available on your computer. This software will help in defragmentation of the computer and once the software is done then all you need to do is reboot your computer and you will notice a reduction in the start-up time of the computer.

A clutter free desktop is also important as it helps to improve productivity while also improving the productivity of your computer along with its overall speed.  A cluttered desktop is like an eyesore and keeping the same un-cluttered is a very easy process for which all one needs is the willingness to achieve the same.

Though there are definitely some apps available on the internet which will come handy but still one can achieve the desired look on the desktop by simply following the easy process of keeping only those items on the desktop which are necessary rather than saving and creating shortcuts of every file, folder or document that you have accessed or you access just once in a while and then forget about them or may be use them again after some days. So keep it clean and you would love your desktop even more.

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