How To Take Backup Of Your Tumblr Blog

Tumblr as you all know is the most renowned micro-blogging platform that lets you effortlessly share anything. From text to photos, quotes, links, music, and videos; you can easily post from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. Besides all this, you can customize almost everything; from colors to your theme’s HTML and much more.

The best feature that persuades lot many users to choose Tumblr over WordPress, Blogger and likewise is the simplicity that it offers. I mean you actually don’t have to be professional or have an expertise in publishing the content; any newbie user without much fuss can post the content images or anything that Tumblr enables them to. For your knowledge, I would like to tell you all that Tumblr also offers the free website and hosting option. All in all, Tumblr makes blogging blissfully easy.


Well, the other side of the coin is not as pleasant as it might be expected. Tumblr, one of the great micro-blogging platforms that comes with smart features has one negative aspect that might leave the users wondering if they should go for it or give it more thought before finally opting for it.

Talk about the back up of your posts which you wouldn’t want to lose anyway, Tumblr fails to meet your expectations. This means users are not able to take the back up of their posts, even if they can it’s not an easy task. Tumblr offers an API that enables you to write your own scripts to backup your blogs but this is not an easy task and none would want to indulge in a time consuming task which is full of hassles.

How about checking out the smart options? You got it right; this problem too has a solution not its own but in the form of tools. Here are two smart tools that will help you take the backup of your posts.

Backup Jammy

This sounds good so are its features! Backup Jammy is the webapp that will enable you to take the backup of your Tumblr blog that to in a fuss-free manner. Simply enter your Tumblr username and chose the number of posts and type of posts you want to take the backup of and let Backup Jammy do the rest which saves your data in the HTML file on your system. Also, it enables you to take the backup of your custom domains using Tumblr service. This simple and easy-to-use webapp works on almost all operating systems.


Tumblr Backup

It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps the users take the backup of their Tumblr posts but the not so good sounding fact is that its available for only Mac OSX so far. The tool takes the backup of the Tumblr posts in an easy way and can be viewed on any system; users can burn the posts into CD or host it as an archive of static HTML files. All that is needed is the Tumblr account details. Simply select the blog you want to take backup of, select the desired folder where you wish to save the content in and press the “Start backup” and leave the rest on Tumblr Backup tool.


With these cool tools, the Tumblr users no more need to worry about losing their blog posts and other data. Enjoy Tumbling!


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