How to Sign Up For Google+ Platform Preview

Google launched Google plus pages on this Monday and this will help business owners, customers, brands to interact each other in a new way.Many business owners already created their Google + business pages online and we too launched our brand new Google plus page. You can visit our page here.

I hope you will give us a +1 ,also add us to your Google + circles too. Now let me take me talk about Google + platform preview. Google + platform preview is a place where you can experience the latest happenings on Google + project.

All the Google+ new features will be made available to you before it launched to general public. New features will be announced to you via email when they are enabled on your account. This preview will enable you to see how these pre-release updates will affect your site.


You can sign up to Google+ Platform Preview by visiting the Google+ platform preview sign up page here. Add your Gmail address on the interface and Submit the form. You will soon get a confirmation email — click on the link in the message to confirm your subscription. Once finished log in to your account and to see platform updates

Please make sure you are using your real  Google account, because using Google + features will be affected across the web.

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