Top 10 Tools That Can Protect Your PC From Infected Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives are the most commonly used pieces of technology today. Whether you want to share a few movies with your buddies, or you stay up all night preparing a power point presentation to show to your clients or boss the next morning, you need to depend on your little USB drive to get your work done. Even teachers today insist that students turn in their homework and projects in pen drives rather than in paper notebooks.

While this is all very convenient, the problem is that an average USB drive makes contact with two or three strange computers in a week, and thus has a high chance of picking up malware. So when your friend transfers the entire collection of Star Wars movies to your laptop, it is possible that he has also transferred some vicious virus that can tear apart your hard drive in seconds.

You cannot avoid USB Flash drives, but you can protect your PC from the risk of infection from them, with the help of some awesome softwares. Read on:

1. McAfee Virus Scan USB

This excellent USB drive protector is from the reputed McAfee brand, so you can trust it. It runs quietly and unobtrusively in the background. This Virus scan installs daily updates to protect against new threats.

McAfee Virus Scan USB

2. USB Disk Security

This software protects your computer from any malwares that may be trying to invade your hard drive through your USB. It also provides additional security against data loss, data theft, and data disclosure.

3. USB Immunizer

This excellent software not only protects your computer, but also your USB device itself from infection. Once installed, even if the usb is inserted into a malware ridden computer, the malware file will be unable to make autorun files on it.

USB Immunizer

4. Ninja Pendisk

The Ninja Pendisk ensures that any pen drive inserted into your computer is tested for virus before it is permitted to interact with the computer. This software becomes operative the moment a flash drive is inserted into the USB port.

5. USB Threat Defender

This USB Anti-virus software is amazing with respect to its malware detection features. Even when powerful antivirus fails to identify certain subtle and well hidden virus, USB Threat Defender will certainly be able to find it.

USB Threat Defender

6. Panda USB Vaccine

Panda USB Vaccine is a software that is used to make USB devices malware proof. In other words, it vaccinates the pen drive and prevents it from picking up any malware from infected computers.

7. Autorun Virus Remover

In case the unthinkable has happened and your USB device has already infected your computer, you will need a very good antivirus software to identify the malware and isolate it. Autorun Virus Remover is the perfect tool for this.

Autorun Virus Remover

8. USB Guardian

When you want to copy a couple of files from one computer to another computer, the USB Guardian software monitors the transaction with a hawk eye to ensure no malware gets past.

9. The USB Program

Autorun virus excel at hiding, but the can be found out by The USB Program that identifies them and makes them visible, so that they can be isolated.

10. Autorun Protector

Autorun Protector combines the two functions of USB antivirus by protecting your computer from strange devices, and your device from strange computers.

Autorun Protector

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