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Android, the best mobile operating system from the house of search engine giant Google.I am using different android devices and I really love it.When android device first introduced only few people was ready to invest huge amount of money for the smartphone but now things are changed.Android devices are now become a reality for the common man.Everywhere now android device price getting slashed due to massive requirement from the public.

In real life we cannot expect everything will go and work smoothly like android phone; it’s high performing operating system for your smart phone but sometimes your device may perform slow and damage your user experience.Most of the time It will happen if you installed lot of applications on your android smartphone and the apps may be eating your memory.

Most of the time the users may be getting a home screen lag on the android phone and if you try to scroll may be you will notice frequent stuttering or freezing.This Is very irritating isn’t it ? another thing we noticed include the start up times.If you are seeing longer and longer startup times on your android phone, that could indicate a number of issues may be some serious issues with JIT compiler.Finally the main problem that lead me to make reset my device only because my android phone battery drained faster than normal.Check out how we reset our android phone with in no time.Be alert ! Before resetting your device make sure you taken backup of your data.


How to reset your android phone ?

Before applying the reset on android phone, please make sure your SD card is working properly.

Step 1 : Go to the Android Phone Main menu.

Step 2 : Move on to settings and select the SD&Phone storage.


( If you have updated android version on your phone or newer android phone ;you have to go to Privacy option as shown below)

Step 3 : Now you will see “factory data reset” option at the bottom,just click on it.


Step 4 :You will now get a warning message “Are you sure want to erase all the data ” ?

In newer version of android phone you will see another option where you can select  or unselect the SD card for formatting.Here I’m un selected my SD card.

Step 5 : Finally you can Click “Reset phone” .The process will start immediately and it will last for 4-5 minutes.


Done !  Your android phone will be now completely rested.I hope the android lagging issues will be now solved on your device.What will happen if you completely reset your android phone ?

  • All applications and associated data will be erased

  • All emails, text messages, and contact information will be erased

  • The Android is unrooted and the original settings are restored

  • The Android version is restored to the shipped version and all updates are uninstalled.You can install all updates later.

  • Passwords, personal settings, and synched accounts are cleared

This means you have to be very careful when doing a reset process on your android phone.I recommend you to take backup of your device.let me know your android phone issues are solved after resetting your device ?

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