12 Best Free Android Games You Love To Play

The only complaint that Android users have these days is that the Android platform supports so many games that it becomes difficult for them to choose the best one. Moreover, all of these games are so addictive that Android users find themselves losing all track of time and spending hours on end just playing on their phones. But if you are a hardcore gamer, oh well, you simply can’t have too much of a good thing, can you?

Free Android Games

If the gaming bug hasn’t bitten you yet, wait till you check out these twelve awesome games for Android. I’m betting you’ll become addicted sooner than you think. And the best part? They’re all totally free!

1. Angry Birds

Now you no longer have to envy your friends who use Apple phones, Angry Birds is available for Android as well! In fact, you actually have it better than them, because unlike the Apple version, Android Angry Birds is totally free, compensating by adding ads on the screen. Have a lot of fun blasting silly green pigs off of structures in this game that has gained an insane amount of popularity in the last few years.

Angry Birds

2. Red Stone

If you feel that your games aren’t challenging your brain power as much as you like, do try out the Red Stone game. All you have to do is shuffle the blocks to make a path for a huge red stone to get to the exit. Sounds simple, right? Trust us, it isn’t. It is really, like really, tough, so tough that no player has yet solved all ten levels. Download this game only if you think you are smarter and better at solving puzzles than most people.

3. Bebbled

It looks like a standard bubble popping game, where you have to drop colored bubbles onto other similarly colored bubbles to pop them, but Bebbled comes with some astounding features and challenges, several of which require you to flip your phone strategically. This game is so neatly presented and smooth to play that it is hard to believe it is for free. Be warned though, it is highly addictive.

4. Sketchit Online

You can be sure to have hours and hours of hilarity with this real time multi-player game, which requires one person to draw something on his screen and others to guess what he is drawing. Up to twelve players are allowed in each game room, and players have to take turns at drawing. This is one of those games that help lighten you up no matter how stressed you are.

Sketchit Online

5. Replica Island

Are you a fan of platform games? Do you miss characters that jump, fall, bounce, and collect stuff as they progress? If yes, Replica Island is a must have for your phone. Take your character along a trouble ridden path across a strange island, using the control ball on your screen. Even if you finish the game once, you can play it again at no risk of boredom, because it has three alternate endings.

6. Gem Miner

This is one of the most interesting games we could find for android, and it is unbelievable that it is free. Take your mole down to the depths of mines, collect all sorts of stuff that you find there, and sell them when you come up, to buy upgrades. Just be sure you don’t get stuck or crushed underground! Each game is randomly generated, so you can play it over and over again.

Gem Miner

7. Tetris

It’s not new, it’s not unique, and you have almost certainly played it at some time or the other, but Tetris never does get old, does it? We still haven’t figured out why this simple and basic game is just so addictive. Manage block arrangements as they fall from the top, and make them disappear by creating straight lines. However, you will need some time to adjust yourself to playing this game with touch screen and trackball, instead of your arrow buttons.

8. Abduction

There is no better word for it, Abduction is adorable! With cute little cows in tiny parachutes that have to jump from one platform to another to collect gifts, this game brings pure joy to even the most depressed player. Oh, and the Android version is so easy to play and control that you can literally do it with one hand.


9. Graviturn

Don’t be fooled by how simple this maze game looks, you’ll be clenching your fists in excitement once you are a few levels deep. Based on the accelerometer, Graviturn requires you to get a red ball out of a gravity based vertical maze, by tilting your phone around. The real challenge, however, is to ensure that none of the green balls roll away while you are tilting, or, you guessed it, you’re dead.

10. Barrr

In this insanely hilarious game, you have to manage a pirate bar by getting your customers their orders before they get mad, getting them to buy more and more booze as they get drunker, directing them to the tattoo studio, and making sure they go to the toilet before they have an accident. Sounds like fun? Just wait till things speed up, and you’ll go crazy trying to manage everything at once. A word of warning: this game is not good for people who get stressed easily.


11. Word Feud

If word games are your thing, and you enjoyed playing scrabble, then Word Feud will certainly keep you occupied. This real time game lets you pit your word powers against all the other players of this game out there. Intense, challenging, and fun, this game will keep your gray cells ticking.

12. Cordy

A traditional platform based game, Cordy’s USP is its speed. You simply have no time to sit and ponder, and you have to make up strategies on the move, as you run, jump, and swing over obstacles. Great graphics and touch screen buttons make this game a pleasure to play.


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