Easily Secure Your Dropbox Files On Android

I hope you remember, we already covered top 10 cloud based tools with you to increase your productivity;Dropbox is one of them.Dropbox is a free cloud service that lets you store your photos, docs and videos.Dropbox also allows you share and sync your cloud files easily.

Dropbox already have the best tools and engineering practices to safe guard your stored files.Dropbox will secure,backup,password protect your files with these best industry practices.But in case of their android application, it is lightening fast and will store and sync files in quick time from your android device.


But giving access to your private files on dropbox with single click will definitely create big security issues if your device got lost or stolen.As I told before,Dropbox already have the best security practices out there ,then instead of worrying, why not we implement those security features on our android devices ?

Follow the steps to secure your dropbox files on android device

Step 1: Go to the dropbox application on your device.

Step 2: I hope you are now on the dropbox app,Press on the “menu” button and go to “settings”.If you are on Android 4.0 ICS you will see  tiny 3 dots in screen’s corner.


Step 3: Now you can scroll down to get passcode lock option.press the tick box next to it.



Step 4:Now enter your preferred password by touching the “Turn passcode on” option and confirm it by entering one more time.


Done ! Now every time you open the dropbox application on your android device,it will ask you for the passcode to access your cloud files.

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