Excellent Tips And Tools To Trace Stolen Laptop

A laptop is nothing but a portable computer which you can carry around, seriously? Nope, it is much more than that. Today a laptop is more or less a must for individuals who are either working or studying or doing something good with their lives. This portable piece carries information which might be related to your business or your personal or even your financial information, and when this laptop gets stolen it certainly doesn’t feel good.

In such untoward situations we need to look for ways to trace the stolen laptop and such ways are discussed below:

  • There are various systems that are available for free download (or may be at a small cost) which one can install in their laptops. One popular software is LoJack which helps tracking the position of your laptop and is virtually undetectable, so the person who has stolen your laptop will not be aware of the presence of this software in the laptop. At the same time, even if the thief will format the whole laptop, once the laptop is switched on after the format this LoJack software will re-install itself and so you can still keep tracking the position of your laptop.
  • Nowadays, a lot of normal services we use show us something called “you last logged in your account at such and such time from such IP address”. Sites, especially Gmail always shows this message on the right hand bottom corner. It is imperative that the person who has stolen your laptop will try to log in your e-mail account and as such will leave a trace with the Google server which will help you in tracking the location of the laptop.
  • The laptop can also be traced if one has been intelligent enough to note down the serial number and the other necessary details about the maker of the laptop. In a situation when the laptop is stolen then one should right away inform the laptop maker and let them know the serial number and other relevant details about the laptop. These details will help them in tracing the same as every laptop keeps sending signals which get stored in a mother software along with the IP address from which the stolen laptop is being operated.
  • Normally laptops have something called a static IP address which is connected to a nearby located system and such an IP address if changed (which will happen in case of a stolen laptop) can also help one in tracking the laptop.
  • There are other available systems like LaptopSentry which come with a charge and they work by sounding a loud alarm when a locked laptop is disconnected from its power supply. Such an alarm comes handy as if someone is trying to steal your laptop while you have kept it for charging then the noise of the alarm will alert you and also anyone who is in the vicinity.
  • There are also tools available which will send an e-mail to the owner of the laptop in case the security of the laptop has been compromised and as such these e-mails can help in tracing the stolen laptop without the knowledge of the thief. One such good software is Inspire Trace.

So, it can be seen that with the expansion of technology and the improvement in the computer world those days will soon be over when you would need to cry hoarse over your stolen laptop. There are various tools which not only provide you a track of the laptop but also help you get back the same without any loss of data.

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