12 Hidden Tips And Tricks To Get Most Out Of iOS6

The iOS 6 is the latest development which has been announced for release from the Apple Inc’s stable after the successful launch of the Apple iPhone 5. With its expected release date to be around the fall of 2012, it has already garnered sufficient interest amongst the Apple phone or tablet users with one of the most important news that this iOS will not support some of the older devices like iPod touch and the first iPad.

Get Most Out Of iOS6

The iOS 6 comes with the following tweaks in its system and some of the uncovered trips and tips are mentioned below;

  • The Ad trackers, as the name suggests, helps the advertisers to track the device on which this software is installed and then according to the usage will send advertisements to the user. Though not all advertisers use this new age software but still it is expected that the whole advertising fraternity will start using the same in time to come.
  • Unlike the old Safari browser found in your current devices with the current iOS, the safari on this iOS will help users to open a new page right next to the already opened one.
  • This iOS comes with a new search box which doesn’t lead one to either the Google page, or the Bing page nor even the yahoo page. The box has the words “search” written on it and directs the user to the desired page or results.
  • The history menu will pop up when one presses the back or the forward button for this device.
  • The new iOS is compatible with HTML signatures which the user can simply get from their device (MAC or OC). The formatted texts and any other type should be kept properly.
  • Using the new iOS one can simply decline calls by asking the device to send a message to the caller automatically. At the same time the user can get the device to add a note in the phone as a reminder that he or she needs to call the caller once free.
  • The new Do Not Disturb setting is another new addition to this iOS. Using the same one can stay incommunicado with the outside world till the time they want to stay that way.
  • This iOS brings a feature by which separate ring tones can be set for different e-mail accounts and one can have a customized and separate ring tone for the important person on your contact list.
  • One can add a different signature for each of one’s e-mail accounts and this again helps in adding a personal touch to the e-mails being sent.
  • One can leave an important message or a message which one wants to read again at a later stage, as unread by a simple tap and hold of a button. This feature is very handy as it makes it very easy for anyone to remember the message.
  • While composing an e-mail the user can easily add a picture or a video while the e-mail is being composed. All you need you do is hold the message body after tapping the same and you would be given an option to do either of the two processes.
  • The youtube app doesn’t come as pre-installed in the device but needs to be searched and then downloaded onto the device.

So, we can see that there are lots of ways by which you can improve your Apple devices which are compatible with the new iOS 5 and these tips would help you in that for sure.

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