How to Add Google Maps to your WordPress Website?

There are too many benefits of adding Google Maps to your website .The major benefit include the more user satisfaction with a map-based interface; means more credibility to your website.Also your readers and visitors will definitely going to recommend your website to their friends.


Step 1: Go to Google Maps


Step 2: Select the Geographic location or the Street address that you want to add in to your website. Once you done click on the Search button.


Step 3: Now your map will be loaded and you need to click on the Link option on the top right corner of the Map.


Step 4: A new window will open up with the HTML link and HTML Code .Google allows you even customize the size and look of the map. You can do it by clicking the customize preview embedded map link on the bottom of your HTML Code.


Step5: Once you finished customization just Copy the HTML code and Paste it in to the WordPress HTML editor and save the page/post.


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