How To Edit The Terminal Properties And Preferences In Ubuntu

Got bored or messed-up with the colors,size and other stuffs in the terminal in Ubuntu Linux ? No problem here comes the simple tutorial to edit or restore the terminal preferences. As you know,this is the basics and this post is specially for those newbies on Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Open the terminal window.


In terminal right click and go to profiles then select ‘Profile Preferences’.It will pop up the Profile Window in Ubuntu. Same as shown below.

Ubuntu Termianl Preferences

 In the general settings tab you will get lot of other features such as changing the default font and it’s size or even change the terminal window size.

If you want to edit the colors theme, go the colors tab and you can change the background color, use custom color theme or use the default ,Change text and border color. If you go to the background tab you can even add a background image as well.

Edit Ubuntu Terminal

Once you finished everything but still think the default look is better, then go back to default settings by  just ticking the ‘Use colors from system theme’ in the ‘Colors’ tab in Ubuntu terminal.

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