How To Secure Bookmarks In Google Chrome Browser

Bookmarking is the best way to keep updated with the latest happening from the topics you like.Bookmarks help us to quickly access the particular website,address,topic or even great resources online.Bookmarking trend started in early stages of 1999 and lot of Bookmarking services born until today.

Browser bookmarking are usual these days and most of the modern browsers come up with new bookmarking features and enhancements to their user interface,Google is one of them.Google chrome got lot of extension supports to help you browse the web better than before.

Recently we found a new feature rich Google chrome extension named Secure Bookmarks,This will help us to add a password-protected bookmarks list to your google chrome browser.

If you are using a shared computer, it will be unsafe to keep all your private bookmarks in your web browser but if you have Google chrome in your shared computer you can secure those private bookmarks with secure bookmarks google chrome extension.

Secure Bookmarks extension for Chrome allows you to store such bookmarks in a separate list, safely encrypted on your hard drive.Secure Bookmarks includes a ten second set-up page and a clean and intuitive user interface, allowing you to create, edit, and rearrange bookmarks easily.

To secure your bookmarks in chrome browser all you have to do is follow below steps.

Step 1 :Open your Google chrome browser and install Secure Bookmarks extension from chrome web store or download it from here.

Step 2 : simply click the Secure Bookmarks icon and enter your password to get started.Please make note the password carefully because the lost password cannot be retrieved.

Secure Bookmarks Options

Step 3 : Simply click the big ‘Create new bookmark’ button to bookmark any new website or link.Even you can edit the existing bookmarks using Secure Bookmarks Google chrome extension.


Step 4 : You can retrieve your bookmarks easily by entering the secure bookmarks icon and entering your password.


Please make note that All decrypted information is lost the second you close your Google chrome browser.I think you will try this one instantly !

 May I know is there any other similar extensions for Google chrome ?

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