Browse Internet Privately With Modern Web Browsers

Nowaday’s the online security is becoming a main concern,Most of the  browser providing companies come up with a private browsing option to the users.With Private browsing you can  protect your browsing history.No one can find what sites you visited and what information you looked etc.Once you exit the private browsing mode  the entire cached information will be deleted including cookies,temporary internet files etc.

Enable Private browsing on Google chrome

You can secure your browsing section on Google chrome by enabling the incognito window. Get started with private browsing by clicking ctrl + shift +N when chrome is running.

chrome new features

Start Google Chrome and type Ctrl+ Shift +N or Go to customize and control button on the top right corner of Google chrome select New incognito window, Chrome will start a new private browsing section for you.

Enable Private browsing on Firefox

It is so easy to open private browsing window in Mozilla Firefox .Open Firefox  and go to tools and click start private browsing tab or you can type Ctrl+shift+P on the keyboard to start your private browsing section when Firefox is operating.

Firefox new features

Firefox new tips

Enable Private browsing on Internet Explorer 8

You can start by going to safety tab on the to right corner of your IE 8 and click start In private browsing  or you can ype Ctrl+shift+P on the keyboard to start your private browsing section when IE  is running.

IE New features

Enable Private browsing on Safari Browser

In safari you can start private browsing by going in to the settings icon on the top right corner  and clicking on private browsing tab.

Safari new features

I hope you got a clear idea on how to start  safe browsing on your computer.Let me know if you have any questions.

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