It looks awesome! Download Internet Explorer Ver 9 Beta

Microsoft done it finally !! The much awaited Microsoft internet explorer version 9 beta pulled out today.I tried the new IE9 beta on my windows 7 machine and it looks awesome !

E9 released

IE market share got reduced from 90 percentage to 60 percent for the past few years.During these period Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox increased their market share by proving  better security features and user friendly features.

The new version is much faster than any earlier versions of Microsoft internet explorer.The new browser will be compatable with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG2 standards.Microsoft claims that  IE9 will be the one and only browser with an Hardware acceleration in build.

new  ie 9

The new smartscreen filter will prevent potentially harmful softwares before it hit on your computer and the pishing protection helps you from websites that aquire your personal information including username,password and billing data more over smart scren filter show sever warnings for high risk downloads from public network.

In my point of view IE9 will be a  brilliant web browser that going to change your  online surfing experience. Download the new Internet Explorer Version 9 Right here.


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