HelloFax Allies With Google In Its War Against Fax Machines

HelloFax has taken another step towards eliminating forever the practice of using fax machines. Earlier this week, it announced that it will be integrating with Google Drive. Google Drive is Google’s new offering in the arena of cloud storage and collaboration service. In collaboration with HelloFax, Google Drive will ensure that you never have to undertake the frustration of sending or receiving a fax again.


Fax machines are a continual source of exasperation in offices as well as homes. Sending a document by fax takes time, and is fraught with possible error. You have to take a print of your documents, arrange them in order, and feed them in one by one into the machine, making sure that you put every paper in facing the correct side and the right way up. Cheaper fax machines have a tendency of taking in more than one paper at once, one on top of the other, and when this happens, you have to cancel the process and begin all over again.

Whether or not your fax will be received depends on the connectivity of the landline telephones, and you have probably faced situations where, after spending an hour feeding in a large document, your fax fails to send, and you have to start over. To top it all, fax machines are environmentally wasteful, as they require use of paper on both sides. An average office ends up using three or four realms of paper simply to send or receive fax. Some fax machines even insist on printing the tiny delivery report on a whole sheet of A4 paper.

Google Drive and HelloFax address all of the above issues by turning the faxing method over its heels. In Google Drive you can send faxes without waiting in line for the fax machine, as all your faxes are sent in electronic form. You can also receive faxes in the same way. Google Drive has a HelloFax folder automatically created into it. All your inbound faxes are sent to this folder, and you receive intimation about them, after which you can check your incoming fax at your leisure.

HelloFax with Google

Another amazing Hellofax feature which has been integrated into Google Drive is electronic signing (not to be confused with digital signatures). Most of the faxing we do today is because a signed document has to be sent somewhere. So we take a print of the PDF or the Word/ Excel file in question, sign it manually with a pen, and then send it along by fax. HelloFax and Google Drive let you attach your signature to PDF and other files online. This saves you a whole bunch of papers that you don’t need to take print of now, and also saves you a lot of time in those cases where you have to sign or initial every single sheet in a hundred page document.

HelloFax and Google Drive make the transition from faxing to online document transmission very smooth and gradual. While it lets you send your documents in the traditional way if you require, you are also given much easier alternatives, and can start using them once you have familiarized yourself with them.

So do check out HelloFax for Google Drive. If you sign up now, you get a lot of free goodies, like free fax pages, and unlimited signature requests.

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