How To Find Whether There Is A Key Logger In Your System

What is a Key logger

The first question that comes in your mind after reading the title of the article is what this Key logger is and why the heck you need to care about it? Well, Key logger can be defined as,

“A keylogger is a hardware device or a software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press.”

But in simple language  it is a software programs or a hardware which once implemented in the PC can read and store all the key stroke by a PC and can send those reports to anyone anonymously.

The data can contain all your personal and sensitive details such as your email id, facebook account id & password, bank account details and many more. It actually saves the record of any button that you press on your keyboard, creating a big threat to your accounts security.

How does it Enters in the Computer?

Well, even though there are many sources through which Key loggers can enter in your system, but generally they enter through the Internet. Hackers program & attach the keyloggers with many of free softwares out there on the internet.So when you download these softwares, these key loggers get downloaded and installed automatically without even letting you know.

How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system

How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system

Now you must be thinking, how do I find whether there is any key logger in my system. However finding whether there is any key logger in your system is a difficult task, but not impossible either. By following these steps, you can trace them.

Use Task Manager

How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system

(1) Launch the Task manager in Windows, this can be done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Here go through all the currently running system processes, and if you find any suspicious program in that list, end that process immediately and search on the net with the name of that process to get more details about it.

Install a good antivirus

Install a good antivirus software and scan your whole computer regularly. If anything looks suspicious, ask your antivirus to delete it immediately. And also, install only reliable antivirus such as Avast only.

How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system

Install Key logger Detector programs

Download and install specific keylogger detector program, and see if it detects anything. There are lots of keylogger detector programs out their, you can find one easily by searching it on the net.

How to find whether there is a Key logger in your system

So, by following these ways, you can get to know whether there is any keylogger in your system or not. If you get to find any key logger software in your PC, stay tuned as very shortly we will come up with another post in which will give a step by step tutorial on how you can get rid of these key loggers.

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