Where is Chrome Operating system ?

It is almost one year finished when Google announced their Chrome OS project.Most of the Technology professionals and bloggers  claimed that the new proposed Google Operating system will fight with Windows and Mac OS in the market,But what happened to Chrome OS?

When Google announced the Project they told to the media that they will be able to  launch chrome OS in the middle of 2010. Eric Schmidt –Google CEO told the press recently that the Chrome OS may be get delayed but he concluding that the new OS will  support all the applications presently available on Google Chrome Browser.

Linus Upson- Vice President in engineering for chrome told in an interview that Google plans to expand Chrome OS beyond netbooks.Initially Google Chrome OS is planned to be on Laptops later it can be used as an android alternative?

Chrome -OS Image Credit: Bluebr

Some technology professional pointing out this fact because android is already there and doing good job for Google,Then why we need another one similar to android?

The picture still not clear whether Google promote their Chrome OS to Mobile devices too.Wait and see what is going to happen this Christmas.

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